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FreeTDS is a set of libraries for Unix and Linux that allows programs to natively talk to Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase databases. jTDS was originally based on the work of the FreeTDS project. Lots of thanks go to them, too.

Related technologies

JDBCTM technology is an API that lets you access virtually any tabular data source from the JavaTM programming language. It provides cross-DBMS connectivity to a wide range of SQL databases and also to other tabular data sources, such as spreadsheets or flat files.
Although we 'love' Microsoft just as much as you do, it seems like Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most used database engines. That's why jTDS was started in the first place: to avoid paying big money for commercial JDBC drivers for MS SQL Server.


DataDino Database Explorer is a low-cost commercial JDBC-based database management tool that comes with built-in support for a variety of databases. The support for MS SQL Server is provided by jTDS. Jerason Banes, the developer of DataDino is also a member of the jTDS Project.
SQuirreL SQL Client is an open source graphical Java program that will allow you to view the structure of a JDBC compliant database, browse the data in tables, issue SQL commands etc. SQuirreL SQL is also hosted by SourceForge and it's one of the top Java projects on SourceForge.
DbVisualizer is a widely-used commercial database visualization and management tool based on JDBC. Among others, a nice thing about DbVisualizer is a diagram view of a database displaying tables and the foreign key relationships between them.
DB Solo is a powerful yet affordable cross-platform database development and management tool for both developers and administrators. It allows users to explore and manage database objects as well as execute ad-hoc queries. DB Solo supports most operating systems and DBMS products.