Package net.sourceforge.jtds.util

Interface Summary
TimerThread.TimerListener Interface to be implemented by classes that request timer services.

Class Summary
BlobBuffer Manages a buffer (backed by optional disk storage) for use as a data store by the CLOB and BLOB objects.
DESEngine a class that provides a basic DES engine.
GeneralDigest base implementation of MD4 family style digest as outlined in "Handbook of Applied Cryptography", pages 344 - 347.
Logger Class providing static methods to log diagnostics.
MD4Digest implementation of MD4 as RFC 1320 by R.
MD5Digest implementation of MD5 as outlined in "Handbook of Applied Cryptography", pages 346 - 347.
SSPIJNIClient A JNI client to SSPI based CPP program (DLL) that returns the user credentials for NTLM authentication.
TimerThread Simple timer class used to implement login and query timeouts.
TimerThread.TimerRequest Internal class associating a login or query timeout value with a target TimerListener.

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