Package net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc

Class Summary
BatchTest Simple test suite to exercise batch execution.
BlobImpl An in-memory or disk based representation of binary data.
CachedResultSet A memory cached scrollable/updateable result set.
CharsetInfo Loads and stores information about character sets.
ClientSideCursorTest Test case to illustrate use of Cached cursor result set.
ClobImpl An in-memory or disk based representation of character data.
ColInfo Instances of this class serve as descriptor for result set columns.
ConnectionJDBC2 jTDS implementation of the java.sql.Connection interface.
ConnectionJDBC2UnitTest Unit test for the ConnectionJDBC2 class.
ConnectionJDBC2UnitTest.Test_ConnectionJDBC2_unpackProperties Class used to test net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.ConnectionJDBC2.unpackProperties(Properties).
ConnectionJDBC3 Implements JDBC 3.0 specific functionality.
ConnectionJDBC3Test JDBC 3.0-only tests for Connection.
ConnectionJDBC3Test.testTimerStopHelper Helper class for test for bug [2871274].
DatabaseMetaDataJDBC3Test Test JDBC3 extensions to DatabaseMetaData.
DatabaseMetaDataTest Test DatabaseMetaData.
DatabaseMetaDataTypeInfoTest Tests for DatabaseMetaData.getTypeInfo().
DateTime Encapsulates Sybase date/time values and provides conversions to and from Java classes.
DefaultProperties Container for default property constants.
DefaultPropertiesTester Abstract class used to test the default properties set on a variety of methods.
DefaultPropertiesTestLibrary Library for testing default properties.
DefaultPropertiesUnitTest Unit tests for the DefaultProperties class.
Driver jTDS implementation of the java.sql.Driver interface.
DriverUnitTest Unit tests for the Driver class.
DriverUnitTest.Test_Driver_getPropertyInfo Class used to test Driver.getPropertyInfo(String, Properties).
DriverUnitTest.Test_Driver_setupConnectProperties Class used to test Driver.setupConnectProperties(String, java.util.Properties).
GenKeyTest Test case to illustrate JDBC 3 GetGeneratedKeys() function.
JDBC3Test Test for miscellaneous JDBC 3.0 features.
JtdsCallableStatement jTDS implementation of the java.sql.CallableStatement interface.
JtdsDatabaseMetaData jTDS implementation of the java.sql.DatabaseMetaData interface.
JtdsPreparedStatement jTDS implementation of the java.sql.PreparedStatement interface.
JtdsResultSet jTDS Implementation of the java.sql.ResultSet interface supporting forward read only result sets.
JtdsResultSetMetaData jTDS implementation of the java.sql.ResultSetMetaData interface.
JtdsStatement jTDS implementation of the java.sql.Statement interface.
LOBTest.RealInputStream Implements an InputStream that only returns a limited number of bytes on read (less than the requested number of bytes).
Messages Support class for
MessagesPropertiesUnitTest Unit tests for the file.
MessagesPropertiesUnitTest.TestDescriptionHasProperty Tests that a given description key has a matching property key in
MessagesPropertiesUnitTest.TestPropertyHasDescription Tests that a given property key has a matching description key in
MetaDataTestCase Base class for meta data test cases.
MSCursorResultSet This class extends the JtdsResultSet to support scrollable and or updateable cursors on Microsoft servers.
MSSqlServerInfo This class communicates with SQL Server 2k to determine what ports its instances are listening to.
NamedPipeUnitTest Unit tests for the SharedNamedPipe class.
NtlmAuth This class calculates the two "responses" to the nonce supplied by the server as a part of NTLM authentication.
NtlmAuthTest Unit test for NTLM challenge/response calculation
ParameterMetaDataImpl jTDS implementation of ParameterMetaData.
ParamInfo This class is a descriptor for procedure and prepared statement parameters.
PreparedStatementTest.TestMultiThread Inner class used by PreparedStatementTest.testMultiThread() to test concurrency.
ProcEntry Stores information about a cached stored procedure or statement handle.
ReadTextTest Test case to illustrate use of READTEXT for text and image columns.
RequestStream Class to implement an output stream for the server request.
ResponseStream Implements an input stream for the server response.
ResponseStream.TdsInputStream Simple inner class implementing an InputStream over the server response.
SanityTest Some simple tests just to make sure everything is working properly.
SavepointImpl Savepoint implementation class.
Semaphore Simple semaphore class used to serialize access requests over the network connection.
SharedLocalNamedPipe This class implements inter-process communication (IPC) to the database server using local named pipes (will only work on Windows).
SharedNamedPipe This class implements inter-process communication (IPC) to the database server using named pipes.
SharedSocket This class manages the physical connection to the SQL Server and serialises its use amongst a number of virtual sockets.
SharedSocket.VirtualSocket This inner class contains the state information for the virtual socket.
SQLDiagnostic Helper class for handling SQL warnings and errors.
SQLParser Process JDBC escape strings and parameter markers in the SQL string.
SQLParser.CachedSQLQuery Serialized version of a parsed SQL query (the value stored in the cache for a parsed SQL).
SunTest Test case to illustrate errors reported by SUN JBDC compatibility test suite.
Support This class contains static utility methods designed to support the main driver classes.
SupportUnitTest Unit tests for the Support class.
Tds5Test Test case to illustrate use of TDS 5 support.
Tds8Test Test case to illustrate use of TDS 8 support
TdsCore This class implements the Sybase / Microsoft TDS protocol.
TdsCore.TableMetaData Inner static class used to hold table meta data.
TdsCore.TdsToken Inner static class used to hold information about TDS tokens read.
TdsData Implement TDS data types and related I/O logic.
TdsData.TypeInfo This class implements a descriptor for TDS data types;
TimestampTest test getting timestamps from the database.
TimeZoneTest Tests timezone conversions when setting and getting data to and from the database.
TlsTest Test for SSL TLS.
TypeInfo Represents an SQL data type as required by getTypeInfo().
TypeInfoTest Tests for the TypeInfo class.
UniqueIdentifier This class encapsulates the MS SQL2000 UniqueIdentifer data type.
UnitTestBase Base class for unit tests which do not connect to a database.
XASupport This class contains static utility methods used to implement distributed transactions.
XaTest Test suite for XA Distributed Transactions.

Exception Summary
ProtocolException Exception class used to report errors in the TDS protocol.

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