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Uses of SharedSocket.VirtualSocket in net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc

Fields in net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc declared as SharedSocket.VirtualSocket
private  SharedSocket.VirtualSocket SharedSocket.responseOwner
          The virtual socket of the object that is expecting a response from the server.
private  SharedSocket.VirtualSocket ResponseStream._VirtualSocket
          The VirtualSocket used by this stream.
private  SharedSocket.VirtualSocket RequestStream._VirtualSocket
          The unique stream id.

Methods in net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc that return SharedSocket.VirtualSocket
(package private)  SharedSocket.VirtualSocket ResponseStream.getVirtualSocket()
          Retrieves the VirtualSocket used by this stream id.
(package private)  SharedSocket.VirtualSocket RequestStream.getVirtualSocket()
          Retrieve the VirtualSocket used by this stream.

Methods in net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc with parameters of type SharedSocket.VirtualSocket
(package private)  boolean SharedSocket.cancel(SharedSocket.VirtualSocket vsock)
          Send a TDS cancel packet to the server.
(package private)  void SharedSocket.closeStream(SharedSocket.VirtualSocket vsock)
          Deallocate a stream linked to this socket.
(package private)  byte[] SharedSocket.sendNetPacket(SharedSocket.VirtualSocket vsock, byte[] buffer)
          Send a network packet.
(package private)  byte[] SharedSocket.getNetPacket(SharedSocket.VirtualSocket vsock, byte[] buffer)
          Get a network packet.
private  void SharedSocket.enqueueInput(SharedSocket.VirtualSocket vsock, byte[] buffer)
          Save a packet buffer in a memory queue or to a disk queue if the global memory limit for the driver has been exceeded.
private  byte[] SharedSocket.dequeueInput(SharedSocket.VirtualSocket vsock)
          Read a cached packet from the in memory queue or from a disk based queue.
(package private)  byte[] SharedLocalNamedPipe.sendNetPacket(SharedSocket.VirtualSocket vsock, byte[] buffer)
          Send an network packet.

Constructors in net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc with parameters of type SharedSocket.VirtualSocket
ResponseStream(SharedSocket socket, SharedSocket.VirtualSocket vsock, int bufferSize)
          Constructs a RequestStream object.
RequestStream(SharedSocket socket, SharedSocket.VirtualSocket vsock, int bufferSize, int maxPrecision)
          Construct a RequestStream object.

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