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(package private) static int TdsData.readType(ResponseStream in, ColInfo ci)
          Read the TDS datastream and populate the ColInfo parameter with data type and related information.
(package private) static java.lang.Object TdsData.readData(ConnectionJDBC2 connection, ResponseStream in, ColInfo ci)
          Read the TDS data item from the Response Stream.
private static java.lang.Object TdsData.getDatetimeValue(ResponseStream in, int type)
          Get a DATETIME value from the server response stream.
private static java.lang.Object TdsData.getMoneyValue(ResponseStream in, int type)
          Read a MONEY value from the server response stream.
private static java.lang.Object TdsData.getVariant(ConnectionJDBC2 connection, ResponseStream in)
          Read a MSQL 2000 sql_variant data value from the input stream.
private  void TdsCore.tdsInvalidToken()
          Report unsupported TDS token in input stream.
private  void TdsCore.tds5ParamFmt2Token()
          Process TDS 5 Sybase 12+ Dynamic results parameter descriptor.
private  void TdsCore.tds5WideResultToken()
          Process Sybase 12+ wide result token which provides enhanced column meta data.
private  void TdsCore.tds7ResultToken()
          Process a TDS 7.0 result set token.
private  void TdsCore.tds4ColFormatToken()
          Process a TDS 4.2 column format token.
private  void TdsCore.tdsTableNameToken()
          Process a table name token.
private  void TdsCore.tdsColumnInfoToken()
          Process a column infomation token.
private  void TdsCore.tdsOutputParamToken()
          Process output parameters.
private  void TdsCore.tdsRowToken()
          Process a row data token.
private  void TdsCore.tds5ParamsToken()
          Process TDS 5.0 Params Token.
private  void TdsCore.tdsCapabilityToken()
          Processes a TDS 5.0 capability token.
private  void TdsCore.tds5ParamFmtToken()
          Process TDS 5 Dynamic results parameter descriptors.
private  void TdsCore.tdsNtlmAuthToken()
          Process a NTLM Authentication challenge.
private  void TdsCore.tds5ResultToken()
          Process a TDS 5.0 result set packet.
private  void TdsCore.tdsComputedResultToken()
           Process meta data for the computed result set complementing the current result set.
private  void TdsCore.tdsComputedRowToken()
           Process computed row data.

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