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Fields in net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc declared as ParamInfo
private static ParamInfo[] TdsCore.EMPTY_PARAMETER_INFO
          Used to optimize the TdsCore.getParameters() call
private  ParamInfo TdsCore.returnParam
          The return parameter meta data object for the current procedure call.
private  ParamInfo[] TdsCore.parameters
          The array of parameter meta data objects for the current procedure call.
private  ParamInfo[] ProcEntry.paramMetaData
          Parameter meta data (Sybase only).
private  ParamInfo[] ParameterMetaDataImpl.parameterList
private  ParamInfo[] MSCursorResultSet.insertRow
          The "insert row".
private  ParamInfo[] MSCursorResultSet.updateRow
          The "update row".
private  ParamInfo MSCursorResultSet.PARAM_CURSOR_HANDLE
          Cursor handle parameter.
private  ParamInfo MSCursorResultSet.PARAM_FETCHTYPE
          sp_cursorfetch fetchtype parameter.
private  ParamInfo MSCursorResultSet.PARAM_ROWNUM_IN
          sp_cursorfetch rownum IN parameter (for actual fetches).
private  ParamInfo MSCursorResultSet.PARAM_NUMROWS_IN
          sp_cursorfetch numrows IN parameter (for actual fetches).
private  ParamInfo MSCursorResultSet.PARAM_ROWNUM_OUT
          sp_cursorfetch rownum OUT parameter (for FETCH_INFO).
private  ParamInfo MSCursorResultSet.PARAM_NUMROWS_OUT
          sp_cursorfetch numrows OUT parameter (for FETCH_INFO).
private  ParamInfo MSCursorResultSet.PARAM_OPTYPE
          sp_cursor optype parameter.
private  ParamInfo MSCursorResultSet.PARAM_ROWNUM
          sp_cursor rownum parameter.
private  ParamInfo MSCursorResultSet.PARAM_TABLE
          sp_cursor table parameter.
protected  ParamInfo[] JtdsPreparedStatement.parameters
          The parameter list for the call.
protected  ParamInfo[] JtdsPreparedStatement.paramMetaData
          The cached parameter meta data.
protected  ParamInfo[] CachedResultSet.insertRow
          Buffer row used for inserts.
protected  ParamInfo[] CachedResultSet.updateRow
          The "update" row.
protected  ParamInfo[] CachedResultSet.procedureParams
          Original parameters.

Methods in net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc that return ParamInfo
(package private)  ParamInfo[] TdsCore.getParameters()
          Retrieve the parameter meta data from a Sybase prepare.
 ParamInfo[] ProcEntry.getParamMetaData()
          Retrieves the parameter meta data array.
private  ParamInfo ParameterMetaDataImpl.getParameter(int param)
protected  ParamInfo JtdsPreparedStatement.getParameter(int parameterIndex)
          Check the supplied index and return the selected parameter.
protected static ParamInfo CachedResultSet.buildParameter(int pos, ColInfo info, java.lang.Object value, boolean isUnicode)
          Creates a parameter object for an UPDATE, DELETE or INSERT statement.
(package private)  ParamInfo[] CachedResultSet.buildWhereClause(java.lang.StringBuffer sql, java.util.ArrayList params, boolean select)
          Builds a WHERE clause for UPDATE or DELETE statements.

Methods in net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc with parameters of type ParamInfo
(package private) static void TdsData.getNativeType(ConnectionJDBC2 connection, ParamInfo pi)
          Retrieve the TDS native type code for the parameter.
(package private) static int TdsData.getTds5ParamSize(java.lang.String charset, boolean isWideChar, ParamInfo pi, boolean useParamNames)
          Calculate the size of the parameter descriptor array for TDS 5 packets.
(package private) static void TdsData.writeTds5ParamFmt(RequestStream out, java.lang.String charset, boolean isWideChar, ParamInfo pi, boolean useParamNames)
          Write a TDS 5 parameter format descriptor.
(package private) static void TdsData.writeTds5Param(RequestStream out, CharsetInfo charsetInfo, ParamInfo pi)
          Write the actual TDS 5 parameter data.
(package private) static void TdsData.putCollation(RequestStream out, ParamInfo pi)
          TDS 8 requires collation information for char data descriptors.
(package private) static void TdsData.writeParam(RequestStream out, CharsetInfo charsetInfo, byte[] collation, ParamInfo pi)
          Write a parameter to the server request stream.
(package private)  void TdsCore.executeSQL(java.lang.String sql, java.lang.String procName, ParamInfo[] parameters, boolean noMetaData, int timeOut, int maxRows, int maxFieldSize, boolean sendNow)
          Send an SQL statement with optional parameters to the server.
(package private)  java.lang.String TdsCore.microsoftPrepare(java.lang.String sql, ParamInfo[] params, boolean needCursor, int resultSetType, int resultSetConcurrency)
          Prepares the SQL for use with Microsoft server.
(package private)  java.lang.String TdsCore.sybasePrepare(java.lang.String sql, ParamInfo[] params)
          Creates a light weight stored procedure on a Sybase server.
private  void TdsCore.executeSQL42(java.lang.String sql, java.lang.String procName, ParamInfo[] parameters, boolean noMetaData, boolean sendNow)
          Execute SQL using TDS 4.2 protocol.
private  void TdsCore.executeSQL50(java.lang.String sql, java.lang.String procName, ParamInfo[] parameters)
          Execute SQL using TDS 5.0 protocol.
private  void TdsCore.executeSQL70(java.lang.String sql, java.lang.String procName, ParamInfo[] parameters, boolean noMetaData, boolean sendNow)
          Execute SQL using TDS 7.0 protocol.
(package private) static java.lang.String Support.getStatementKey(java.lang.String sql, ParamInfo[] params, int serverType, java.lang.String catalog, boolean autoCommit, boolean cursor)
          Generates a unique statement key for a given SQL statement.
(package private) static java.lang.String Support.getParameterDefinitions(ParamInfo[] parameters)
          Constructs a parameter definition string for use with sp_executesql, sp_prepare, sp_prepexec, sp_cursoropen, sp_cursorprepare and sp_cursorprepexec.
(package private) static java.lang.String Support.substituteParamMarkers(java.lang.String sql, ParamInfo[] list)
          Update the SQL string and replace the ?
(package private) static java.lang.String Support.substituteParameters(java.lang.String sql, ParamInfo[] list, ConnectionJDBC2 connection)
          Substitute actual data for the parameter markers to simulate parameter substitution in a PreparedStatement.
 void ProcEntry.setParamMetaData(ParamInfo[] paramMetaData)
          Sets the parameter meta data.
private  void MSCursorResultSet.cursorCreate(java.lang.String sql, java.lang.String procName, ParamInfo[] parameters)
          Create a new Cursor result set using the internal sp_cursoropen procedure.
private  void MSCursorResultSet.cursor(java.lang.Integer opType, ParamInfo[] row)
          Support general cursor operations such as delete, update etc.
protected  java.sql.ResultSet JtdsStatement.executeSQLQuery(java.lang.String sql, java.lang.String spName, ParamInfo[] params, boolean useCursor)
          Executes SQL to obtain a result set.
protected  boolean JtdsStatement.executeSQL(java.lang.String sql, java.lang.String spName, ParamInfo[] params, boolean update, boolean useCursor)
          Executes any type of SQL.
(package private)  void JtdsPreparedStatement.setParamMetaData(ParamInfo[] value)
          Update the cached parameter meta data information.
(package private)  java.lang.String ConnectionJDBC2.prepareSQL(JtdsPreparedStatement pstmt, java.lang.String sql, ParamInfo[] params, boolean returnKeys, boolean cursorNeeded)
          Try to convert the SQL statement into a statement prepare.

Constructors in net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc with parameters of type ParamInfo
ParameterMetaDataImpl(ParamInfo[] parameterList, ConnectionJDBC2 connection)
MSCursorResultSet(JtdsStatement statement, java.lang.String sql, java.lang.String procName, ParamInfo[] procedureParams, int resultSetType, int concurrency)
          Construct a cursor result set using Microsoft sp_cursorcreate etc.
CachedResultSet(JtdsStatement statement, java.lang.String sql, java.lang.String procName, ParamInfo[] procedureParams, int resultSetType, int concurrency)
          Constructs a new cached result set.

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