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Uses of DatabaseTestCase in net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc

Subclasses of DatabaseTestCase in net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc
 class AsTest
 class BatchTest
          Simple test suite to exercise batch execution.
 class ClientSideCursorTest
          Test case to illustrate use of Cached cursor result set.
 class ConnectionJDBC2UnitTest
          Unit test for the ConnectionJDBC2 class.
 class ConnectionJDBC3Test
          JDBC 3.0-only tests for Connection.
 class CSUnitTest
 class DatabaseMetaDataJDBC3Test
          Test JDBC3 extensions to DatabaseMetaData.
 class DatabaseMetaDataTest
          Test DatabaseMetaData.
 class DatabaseMetaDataTypeInfoTest
          Tests for DatabaseMetaData.getTypeInfo().
 class DefaultPropertiesUnitTest
          Unit tests for the DefaultProperties class.
 class DriverUnitTest
          Unit tests for the Driver class.
 class MessagesPropertiesUnitTest
          Unit tests for the file.
static class MessagesPropertiesUnitTest.TestDescriptionHasProperty
          Tests that a given description key has a matching property key in
static class MessagesPropertiesUnitTest.TestPropertyHasDescription
          Tests that a given property key has a matching description key in
 class MetaDataTestCase
          Base class for meta data test cases.
 class NamedPipeUnitTest
          Unit tests for the SharedNamedPipe class.
 class ResultSetTest
 class SAfeTest
 class SunTest
          Test case to illustrate errors reported by SUN JBDC compatibility test suite.
 class SupportUnitTest
          Unit tests for the Support class.
 class Tds8Test
          Test case to illustrate use of TDS 8 support
 class TimestampTest
          test getting timestamps from the database.
 class TlsTest
          Test for SSL TLS.
 class UnitTestBase
          Base class for unit tests which do not connect to a database.
 class XaTest
          Test suite for XA Distributed Transactions.

Uses of DatabaseTestCase in net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbcx

Subclasses of DatabaseTestCase in net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbcx
 class JtdsDataSourceTest
          Unit tests for the JtdsDataSource class.
 class JtdsObjectFactoryTest
          Unit tests for the JtdsObjectFactory class.

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