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Uses of ConnectionJDBC2 in net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc

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 class ConnectionJDBC3
          Implements JDBC 3.0 specific functionality.

Fields in net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc declared as ConnectionJDBC2
private  ConnectionJDBC2 TdsCore.connection
          The Connection object that created this object.
private  ConnectionJDBC2 SQLParser.connection
          Connection object for server specific parsing.
protected  ConnectionJDBC2 JtdsStatement.connection
          The connection owning this statement object.
private  ConnectionJDBC2 JtdsDatabaseMetaData.connection
protected  ConnectionJDBC2 CachedResultSet.connection
          The parent connection object

Methods in net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc that return ConnectionJDBC2
private static ConnectionJDBC2 Support.getConnection(java.lang.Object callerReference)
          Returns the connection for a given ResultSet, Statement or Connection object.
private  ConnectionJDBC2 JtdsResultSet.getConnection()
          Returns the ConnectionJDBC2 object referenced by the JtdsResultSet.statement instance variable.

Methods in net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc with parameters of type ConnectionJDBC2
(package private) static void TdsData.setColumnCharset(ColInfo ci, ConnectionJDBC2 connection)
          Set the charsetInfo field of ci according to the value of its collation field.
(package private) static java.lang.Object TdsData.readData(ConnectionJDBC2 connection, ResponseStream in, ColInfo ci)
          Read the TDS data item from the Response Stream.
(package private) static void TdsData.getNativeType(ConnectionJDBC2 connection, ParamInfo pi)
          Retrieve the TDS native type code for the parameter.
private static java.lang.Object TdsData.getVariant(ConnectionJDBC2 connection, ResponseStream in)
          Read a MSQL 2000 sql_variant data value from the input stream.
(package private) static void Support.embedData(java.lang.StringBuffer buf, java.lang.Object value, boolean isUnicode, ConnectionJDBC2 connection)
          Embed the data object as a string literal in the buffer supplied.
(package private) static java.lang.String Support.substituteParameters(java.lang.String sql, ParamInfo[] list, ConnectionJDBC2 connection)
          Substitute actual data for the parameter markers to simulate parameter substitution in a PreparedStatement.
(package private) static java.lang.String[] SQLParser.parse(java.lang.String sql, java.util.ArrayList paramList, ConnectionJDBC2 connection, boolean extractTable)
          Parse the SQL statement processing JDBC escapes and parameter markers.
private static SimpleLRUCache SQLParser.getCache(ConnectionJDBC2 connection)
          Retrieves the statement cache, creating it if required.
private SharedSocket.createSocketForJDBC3(ConnectionJDBC2 connection)
          Creates a SharedSocket.VirtualSocket through reflection when Driver.JDBC3 is true.
private  SharedSocket ConnectionJDBC2.createNamedPipe(ConnectionJDBC2 connection)
          Creates a SharedSocket object representing a connection to a named pipe.

Constructors in net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc with parameters of type ConnectionJDBC2
TdsCore(ConnectionJDBC2 connection, SQLDiagnostic messages)
          Construct a TdsCore object.
SQLParser(java.lang.String sqlIn, java.util.ArrayList paramList, ConnectionJDBC2 connection)
          Constructs a new parser object to process the supplied SQL.
SharedSocket(ConnectionJDBC2 connection)
          Construct a SharedSocket object specifying host name and port.
SharedNamedPipe(ConnectionJDBC2 connection)
          Creates a new instance of SharedNamedPipe.
SharedLocalNamedPipe(ConnectionJDBC2 connection)
          Creates a new instance of SharedLocalNamedPipe.
ParameterMetaDataImpl(ParamInfo[] parameterList, ConnectionJDBC2 connection)
JtdsStatement(ConnectionJDBC2 connection, int resultSetType, int resultSetConcurrency)
          Construct a new Statement object.
JtdsPreparedStatement(ConnectionJDBC2 connection, java.lang.String sql, int resultSetType, int concurrency, boolean returnKeys)
          Construct a new preparedStatement object.
JtdsDatabaseMetaData(ConnectionJDBC2 connection)
JtdsCallableStatement(ConnectionJDBC2 connection, java.lang.String sql, int resultSetType, int concurrency)
          Construct a CallableStatement object.
ClobImpl(ConnectionJDBC2 connection)
          Constructs a new empty Clob instance.
ClobImpl(ConnectionJDBC2 connection, java.lang.String str)
          Constructs a new initialized Clob instance.
BlobImpl(ConnectionJDBC2 connection)
          Constructs a new empty Blob instance.
BlobImpl(ConnectionJDBC2 connection, byte[] bytes)
          Constructs a new Blob instance initialized with data.

Uses of ConnectionJDBC2 in net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.cache

Constructors in net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.cache with parameters of type ConnectionJDBC2
SQLCacheKey(java.lang.String sql, ConnectionJDBC2 connection)

Uses of ConnectionJDBC2 in net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbcx.proxy

Fields in net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbcx.proxy declared as ConnectionJDBC2
private  ConnectionJDBC2 ConnectionProxy._connection

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